Located in the picturesque village of Box, with beautiful views across the Bybrook valley, the bowling green at Box is one of the prettiest locations to test your sporting prowess.


Lawn bowling is a game for ages 7 to 97. The basics of the game are easy to learn, but to play at a competitive level requires skill and practice.


Lawn bowling provides an opportunity to:

- Participate in an activity with people of all ages

- Enjoy a competitive sport if you wish, or play for fun

- Meet new friends


Why not pay us a visit and try the Sport of Lawn Bowling.

There's more to Box

than just a tunnel!

We are a small, friendly Club and welcome all comers, whether experienced bowlers, or novices eager to take up a new challenge.


Membership is open to all - even if you only want to be a Social Member. If the door is open, come in and say hello!


Our club night is a Monday and we look forward to seeing you.